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Latvian brain drain

I have reasons to take a pinch of salt with anything served by a mass media outlet such as RT. They like to exagerate, make a big deal out of things, in order to gain viewers. But in this case, they do have a point.

The most resourceful people are the ones who can most easily leave the country and find better pay elsewhere. Of course, working in a different country gives valuable experience. Provided, of course, that the person then comes back home to use this experience in developing the country.

This is one of the things that came up in Pamela Olson's Fast times in Palestine: Palestinians with education and experience from other places in the world return to Palestine to help improve the conditions there.

What a country needs in dire times is not a brain drain, but bold people who find a way to use the current situation as a strength. Hjörtur Smárason stayed in Iceland when the bubble burst in 2008, and has since become a world leader of "Recession Marketing", which seems to be exactly what the world needs right now.

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