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Bettervision 2013: Nominees

All songs have been picked for ESC 2013. I have been tempted to go to every country's own finale to find songs that should have been picked, though I will leave that for later. For now, based on the lyrics of each song, I nominate the following countries for Bettervision 2013:

Austria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Ireland, Russia, Slovenia, Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iceland, Latvia, Romania, San Marino and Germany. Playlist:

I don't know if it is Bettervision 2012 that has had an impact, but the number of songs nominated in 2013 is higher than in 2012. The songs will now be evaluated for the following criteria:

  • Law of attraction
  • Musical addictiveness
  • Inspiration
I noticed that many songs this year fall into one of two categories:
  • Things happening in the universe as an excuse to stick with just you and me and I love you.
  • Stuck with how bad things are / craving for things to become better.
I disqualified most of these songs, as they did not really show a way to a better world.