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13 days a week

As I dive into the realm of the classic seven liberal arts, I obviously start with the end; astrology. I take this subject seriously - as in the purpose of tracking objects in space and relating them to things occuring on Earth. Let me reduce this to a more modern view: the frequency of which we observe certain things in space gives a time scale to which we may measure the frequency of things occuring on Earth. Let me reduce this one more time for you: Things tend to occure in waves, and a way to measure the wave length is by means of objects in space, which we then turn into a calendar.

So by doing these reductions, I end up with a study of calendars and the effect these may have on culture and psyche.

Example: A person is born in the "Western" zodiac of Leo. While this person might find a lot of what is written about the traits of Leo to be true, chances are that merely reading about Leo will make the person emphasize these traits about themselves. As it is repeated by everyone throughout life, it becomes part of the identity and the psyche and thus a self fulfilling prophecy.

While many will use this to prove astrology to be fantasy, it may still be a useful tool for your psyche in the same sense that the power of placebo also is a powerful tool to keep people healthy. There are many approaches to my study into astrology, yet the gateway to all is the calendar. The calendar dictates the cycles of astrology and the cycle of culture. The cycles, I'm sure, affects psyche.

Most civilizations today have adopted a 7-day week with a 5+2 or 6+1 rhythm. The calendars we put on our walls, our journals, everything related to time tends to follow this format and locks us into a 7 day rhythm. Each week is a "long tick" for our collective psyche, and we measure project time and business time through these ticks. The pace of life, so to speak, is greatly affected by the frequency of these ticks.

Imagine that these ticks were further apart. Instead of a 7 day rhythm, we adopt a 13 day rhythm, adopted from the Tzolkin Wavespell. As an experiment, there is no need to change your work schedule. Instead, work days should not be considered a part of the wave per se, but rather appointments you have made throughout your 13 day week.

The Wavespell goes a bit further: Each day "kin" (day) in the wave (week) has a specific "tone" which, when studied closely, resembles a 13 day sprint cycle, when you look at it from a software development point of view. Further, each wave has a pupose. Four of these waves make a castle (month) whose cycle also has a developmental aspect to it. Each castle also has its colour and purpose, which resembles a full five castle / 20 wave / 260 kin project cycle.

You do no need to believe that these are energies that affect our life on these specific days. Rather, by following this schedule, your life should become more orderly. The effect on society if all followed the same schedule would be tremendous.

And so, the experiment begins...