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Become a regular contributor

As a regular contributor, we'll add you to the regular author list in Blogger, so you can put your contributions directly into the blog.

What we are looking for
  • Stories about things you experience. Look at tags "life" and "travel" to get an impression of what we expect from these kinds of articles. 1-2 photos to accompany experience.
  • In-depth ideas and concepts. Remember:  "Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people."
  • Poems
  • Interviews with people related to current themes.
  • Follow-ups on current themes / projects. Some current and planned projects are:
    • Bettervision (every year march-may)
    • Vagabonds (april-june 2012)
    • Finding out, finding in (may-july 2012)
  • Any bloggable media, so podcasts and vlogs are also welcome.
    How to become a regular
    • Send your proposal by email to
    • Proposal should include:
      • Explanation of proposed column
      • Two sample articles
    • If you're accepted, we will also require a photo and a short bio to put on the "Regular contributors" page.
    How often and when to post as a regular?
    • Long term regular posting should be minimum once a month, maximum once a week
    • Short term "focus projects" should last three months.
      • We encourage each other to contribute to the focus projects.
      • There are never more than three focus projects at a time.
      • Which means that each month, there is a new focus project ending and another starting.
    • "Life" and "Travel" articles may be published immediately upon writing them.
    • When publishing columns or project articles, set autopublishing to a day when no other article is autopublishing.