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Contribution Guidelines

What to contribute
Radio Free Gardistan (RFG) wishes to display the life of ordinary people around the world. Therefore, each article is expected to deal with things...
  • ...experienced first hand by the author, or...
  • ...something occuring in the author's neighbourhood and/or family, or...
  • ...something that directly affects the author, or...
  • ...random, interesting, funny and/or deep thoughts
As an example, you should not be writing about something that happened in another country as if you were there, because you were not. However, you may write about how it directly affected you and your society physically and mentally.

How to contribute
Contribution may be sent by email to
The e-mail should contiain:
  • Title in subject line
  • Text begins with by-line
    • By-line may beyour full name, first name, last name or an alias of your choice
  • The name of the city/town and country of which the work is related:
    • If the work is about something happening at home, that's the town to write.
    • If the work is about something that happened while you were on holiday, it's the town where it happened.
    • If the work is about your emotional reaction to something that happened on the other side of the planet, you're reporting on YOUR emotional reaction, so it is the location you're at that counts.
  • The work itself: Photo and/or text.
  • Optional footer with a few sentences about yourself.

  • By submitting your work to Radio Free Gardistan (RFG), you grant RFG an irrevokable right to publish your article in this blog, free of charge.
  • By submitting your work to RFG, you declare that you hold the copyright and you're legally allowed to grant RFG the irrevokable right to publish your article in this blog.
  • RFG will accept or decline articles submitted. RFG claims the right to edit your article to improve grammar, spelling and occationally sensor unwanted content.
Radio Free Gardistan Yearbook
We will be thinking of releasing a book containing the best stories from each year. If your article is picked, we will get in touch with you to obtain printing rights and negotiate form of payment.