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Links and news for week 2013.34

NGO: Save Life
I was accidentally made aware of this NGO in Moldova. In a situation where lives can be saved through proper treatment, but there is no economy to support these treatments, NGO Save Life has a specific purpose: funnel donated money to the procedures that save lives, and with specific focus on children. While one might argue this kind of economic aid undermines the possibility of political change for proper funding of public services, who am I to say that children should die in the process of producing political change? Especially when the children even have names.

Electric cars may loose benefits
In an effort to make personal transportation more environmentally friendly, electric cars have received numerous benefits in Norway, such as being allowed to drive in the mass transit lane on highways, free parking and using toll roads and ferry toll free. This has been a successful policy. In 2012, 927 electric cars were sold in Norway, and so far in 2013, a whopping 2700 electric cars have been sold. The problem now, is that the bus can't get through because the mass transit lane is full of electric cars. While this means that it is time to loose this specific benefit, the contracts made by the government insures that the mass transit lane may be full of electric cars at leat until 2017.

The dynamics of tipping
Is tipping good or bad for business? Someone has found the answer.

And whoever thought out THIS experiment deserves a humongous hug:

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