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Power in music

I do not remember where I heard it, but at some point in my life I learned that in the future, wars will be fought with music. Well, now is the future, and I'm using this knowledge to my own advantage. On my way to and from work, I have a USB stick in my stereo filled with music that strengthens my inner powers or otherwise cheers me up. I now share this play list with you. Use it wisely - that is, learn the lyrics and sing along, the effect it has on you increases exponentially with how loud you sing. Sing from you stomach, sing from your heart.

In alphabetical order by filename at 27.11.2012:

  • A beautiful world (Tim Myers)
  • (Amanda Marshall) Believe in you
  • (ATC) All around the world - la la la la la la
  • (Baz Luhrmann) Everybody's Free - to wear sunscreen
  • Beautiful World (Anya)
  • (Bon Jovi) It's my life
  • (Dune) I can't stop raving
  • (Ella Fitzgerald) Ac-cent-thcu-ate the positive
  • En solskinnsdag (Postgirobygget)
  • Flashdance: What a feeling (Irene Cara)
  • (James Brown) I feel good
  • (M.A.R.S.) Pump up the volume
  • (Mariah Carey) Hero
  • (Passion Fruit) The Rigga Ding Dong Song
  • (Queen) It's a kind of magic
  • (Queen) Don't stop me now
  • (Queen) I want it all
  • (Queen) We are the champions
  • (Rod Stewart) Faith of the heart
  • Super star (Roller girl)
  • (Suzie McNeil) Believe
  • (The Carpenters) Top of the world
  • (Tom Jones) Sex bomb
I might be adding more on the YouTube play list in the future without altering this article.

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