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Tzolkin origin

In my quest to have a properly synchronized Tzolkin, I find that no source I have found describing the Tzolkin calendar so far give a specific synchronization date for the first Kin of the calendar. Many date converters seem to agree on July 15th 2012 as the date for 1 Imix, the first Kin of the latest Tzolkin calendar.

However, my source for the "Spellwave" make July 20th 2012 to Kin 53, which means that Kin 1 then must be May 28th 2012, a whopping 48 days - almost one castle - earlier than the most prevalent tzolkin calendars.

Searching more for Spellwave, there really are no references on Wikipedia, and the sources do seem a little sketchy. How authentic is the Spellwave? Is it inspired by the Dreamspell, which is a newer invention related to the 13-moon calendar?

The research continues...

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