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Accidental 30 minute dinner

Jamie Oliver talks about the "30 minute frame of mind" which means that he has already spent an hour shopping and harvesting and chopping and preparing bowls and ovens and pans. This lead to some amazement from my own side when I discovered that I had actually done a meal and a salad in less than 30 minutes.

Coming from the shop, I quickly washed a handful of almond potatoes, cleaved them in half and put them in a pan to start boiling. I then put a pan on the stove and started to heat up some butter. When it was melted, I tossed in the newly bought, pre chopped meat. While this was warming up, I chopped the mushrooms, before I tossed them in and stirred. Ecological carrots don't need much washing and certainly not pealing, so these are quick to chop and toss in as well. For fluid, I added coconut milk, which I then thickened with potato starch. The starch kills some of the taste, so I counter this with salt and a little bit more butter. Season with a dash of black pepper, salvie and oregano. Everything left to simmer.

Now was time for the salad. Glass bowl, toss in prechopped salad mix. Wash and chop cherry tomatoes, drop them in. Now to get creative about seasoning. Take cup, fill a dash of the oil we had left. The potatoes were already done, so some of the water to thin the seasoning, before adding a dash of honey. Mix with some black pepper and oregano before tossing it in the salad - and then toss the salad itself.

...and dinner was done, tasted amazing and I had not spent 30 minutes.

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