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Road work, house work

Road work. I got this reminder today, of why we moved. Not just for more square meters, but also for less road work right outside the window.

But definitely not less work. There's plenty of digging outside, and neighbours have been helped ut cutting down the boards that were crowding the top floor hallway and lift the unused floor boards up to the ceiling.

It is now possible to walk around and move things upstairs, which is key to get the required space everywhere to build the required closets for clothes and everything else we've got.

There used to be a platform here, for the trash cans. It was old and far from level, so I removed it, and started digging. I need another 20-25 cm at the deepest side before I level it out. On friday, this is where they will put the outside portion of the air-to-air heat pump, before I build a new platform on top of it.

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